ZM Carnival Map

It’s probably been suggested before, but a map set in a carnival would be sick. It could be a small- cheaper carnival with a rickety roller-coaster being the centerpiece that divides the map. It wouldn’t have to be that big of a map. Basically, just a doughnut-shaped map with some small pockets in the corners to be able to avoid getting stuck.

I want zombie clowns.


Me too bro… me too.

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it’s weird cuz you guys say you want zombie clowns, but nobody wants that.

fly free my friends. run while you can

I want them to throw juggling pins at me and make funny honk sounds


imagine if every single one you killed it made a honk…

You need to kill them the quickest because while they’re on screen their laugh is unbearable.

this will never happen (please dont read my other replies to this thread btw they scare me)