ZM Achievement Ideas

Kill X amount of explosive enemies with a melee weapon before they explode
Kill X amount of ghosts before they throw a projectile
Kill X amount of burning zombies with a flamethrower

If you have any ideas feel free to post them here

i got some (since im bored anyways lol)

“bustin’ makes me feel good!”
Elimenate 10 ghosts with an egon cannon.

Elimenate 5 exploding Pumpkin zombies while using the grenade launcher or rocket launcher.

“Fetch it!”
Elimenate 5 werewolves while using the dissector.

“feelin’ lucky, punk?”
Elimenate 10 vampires with a magnum

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maybe a “Silver Bullet” themed one for werewolves, not sure how though

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they did a missed opporunity to add some reskinned halloween weapons for the achievements like a big iron cross for vampires or a silver pitchfork for werewolves