You've heard of Starbucks.....Here comes Starunits!

Here comes Starunits! - Tower Unites very own caffeination station for that 100th round of minigolf.
Serving the perfect drinks to help everyone have the energy fulfill their very own capitalistic desires.


Other Stuff (feel free to use):


Dang this is really good, I love the logo!


thank you :joy:

It’s beautiful

It’s themed and well executed

I’m in love

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Aw thank you so much! I’ve spent way too much time on this :’)

Can you share the Obama png you used?
P.S. Really like the condo! I love the logo, too.
I have made a tea shop, but ever since I saw this thread, I might tweak it and make it the 2nd Starunits.

O yea, of course!
And yea dude, we should totally make this a chain XD


The Obama cutouts will always live on in my memories :cry:

Thanks for giving me an idea on what to put on my arch rock! This looks really cool.

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This is awesome! My favourite part is the Obama cutout who’s working for you. :laughing:

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Looks well done. Better than anything I can make for sure. Cute logo! :smile_cat:

Edit: typo

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Wow, very impressive coffee shop. It looks quite professional. Great job!

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The menu i see in the background is filled with jokes I’d hope? Looks good :smile:

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Aw no thats just a regular menu for now XD
Thats a great idea though! What should I put up there?
Im thinking skull flavored frappucino in honor of the smoothie shop.

we definitely need one with bees, to go with the bee pizza
Maybe a Cup’a’Bees


Iced Bee


I saw you mentioned earlier that “we should make it a chain!” Now ik your just joking but is it OK if we do make a little starunits shop in our condos?

I made an unofficial Starunits Menu.


Of course! I’d love to see what you come up with! :grin:

and I love it!!! XD