As we all know. If a famous youtuber plays a game, that game gets BIG (e.g From the Depths, Rocket League etc…)

So I was wondering if when it gets to early access if the devs are going to reach out to say Sips/Yogscast or someone like that? Because TU is the kind of game they play and I think they did play GMT once??

Just a marketing idea I had. Its half a suggestion half question… but I just marked this as suggestions

I’m sure this is all planned, as there was quite a bit of advertising on the dev’s parts (we’ve been told) during the Indiegogo. However, we won’t see any of this most likely until the Early Access comes out.

I could almost certainly see TU being a game that major Youtubers would like to play. I know that someone such as nerdcubed would thoroughly enjoy the lacking of microtransactions and just TU as a whole. We also have to remember that with the major Youtubers, you get there fan base and well, some fanbases may clash. But I enjoy the idea as a whole. :grin:

DasBoSchitt made a video on it way back when.

Indeed, he was the one who showed me this game! And thats the point. Before that, I had no idea what it was

I hate the idea of watching people play games on a website myself (JUST PLAY THE DAMN GAME!) But that’s beside the point. If it get’s more people into the game then im all for it, as long as it doesn’t get turned into the next ‘fad’ game that get’s forgotten right after the devs get used to the large amount of income then implodes from lack of funding.

The reason people watch is:

  1. They cant afford the game but still want to experience it
  2. Why do people watch TV shows? Same reason. For entertainment
  3. Its not ALWAYS about the game. Most of the time people watch for the person playing.

Anyway. All im saying is that if big youtubers started playing this when it comes out. The fan base will get HUGE! Like, look at Prop hunt or Rust.

And I think that the devs arnt those kinds of people. If they suddenly got a shit ton of money, they would know how to invest it into making the game better!

Game theorists has posted new video:
WHAT IS TOWER??? (unite)

I remember them saying they reached out to as many people they could.

I’m sure though, everyone nowadays is looking for money when promoting a product.

Hopefully yogscast will do something, as they did gmod tower a long time ago. You could probably help by suggesting tower unite (when its ready) to youtubers, and if they see enough people want it, they might do it.

Eh, i’ve got mixed feelings

On one hand, yes, if a big youtuber plays this, it’s gonna bring in some income

But on the other hand, we have to deal with the mindless fandom that will probably beat you senseless because you don’t watch the youtuber that made them buy the game. And we all know how well THAT will turn out, i mean, look at what happened to garry’s mod, all the negative reviews are just because youtubers played it and “ruined the game with their ****ty fanbase”


Yes, we will be reaching out to many Youtube Content Creators; just not right now.

I didn’t say now