Youtube Streaming?

Do you think Youtube’s new competitor to Twitch will take off? Will Twitch no longer be a dominance in the video game streaming industry? I tested it out a bit, and it seems to handle indicating your stream health and copyright infringement much better than Twitch does. Thoughts?

Any competition is good competition. I do think that with the rising popularity of YouTubers going to doing Live streams, it would be much easier not to have to move all your stuff over to another site, when you can just continue doing things on your Own Channel.

Youtube Gamming started with a good push with them going straight out to do contracts with existing Youtubers to assure they would have enough popular streams right on the first day to drive people’s curiosity. Right now it seems to be doing well, but at the same time, it’s nothing more than a reskin of the traditional youtube (you can even watch HowToBasic) only it tries to query videos with titles and descriptions closer to video-games.

It can take off and be a good competitor to twitch, only it needs to stuff logically. Even Steam Broadcast could have been a very good competitor with Twitch if Valve had put some more effort into it. :sweat:

I think YouTube already has a head start out of the gate for having amazing stream dashboards, notifying you of copyright infringement ahead of time, and automatically uploading the stream to YouTube. The only problem is spam. Once someone finds a way to integrate bots into YouTube Gaming chat, we’ll be golden.

I have a good net and a good pc, but after since Twitch ditched and did something with , none of the streams properly run on my pc. And It seems like there are thousands out there still heaving same problem, and Twtich just keep on saying, “we are investigating this issue”. They dont even allow non premium member streams to have quality options, I have to use live streamer to watch twitch, as there fuc** website no longer works for me. I hope more competition come.

Youtube still has it’s awful content ID system, so if you want to play any sort of music on your stream that’s licensed, think again.

From what I saw, the stream chat is horribly laggy and hard to read (I was on mobile so it might be better on PC) plus, they need to move the chat to the right side so you can read the stuff (Maybe you can move certain compenents??? That would be AWESOME)

Actually, they give you a warning, and you have three minutes or so to stop playing before they tag it.

I have streamed a few times and been a a youtuber since 2007 (sdkaas) , now youtube 99% of times wont give you copyright strikes, but put ads on your videos and whatever those ads earn is shared between youtube and the original copyright holder. Also it might block your video in germany and other such countries. So this way they allow you to use music but you become a slave of the copyright owner, making money for em.

To avoid all this bull** I use soundcloud/youtube Royalty free songs.

Are Monstercat songs typically blocked by YouTube’s filter?