Youtube MP3 Downloader (Alpha v2)

Working on a new project that downloads videos from youtube and converts them to mp3 with the best quality possible and super fast download speed :stuck_out_tongue:

Alpha Version 2 showcase

(Added mp3 converter,Now you can download only from youtube,Added a little box that shows the title of the video,Many bug fixes,Made .exe)

Testing Playlist Downloading 38 Songs Alpha Version 1

Tested By @Bumpy226


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oh okay :smiley:

Awesome, can’t wait to try it for myself.

Woah! Nice.

YouTube as a source doesn’t have a very high sound quality, thanks to their processing. It’s around 192 kbps AAC at best.

I can change the quality with the new converter

why is this eaven here? this doesent have to do anything with GMod Tower or Tower Unite

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Woops :smiley: sry dident was its there DX sorry m8.

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It doesn’t matter if you convert it, if it has already been low quality, making the file take up more space by converting it won’t change anything, you won’t suddenly regain quality.

It is possible to make the quality a bit better with some little tweaks just it will be hard for me to code that in
i remember i was using a program for that called Mp3Doctor

How? Getting back lost quality is only possible in theory, as far as I know.

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If i remember correctly i was doing it with the equalizer i don’t remember the settings i think i was using a jazz preset until i learned how to do it with out presets.(jazz is a very good preset to boost the quality a bit)

EQ cannot improve bitrate.

You resampled 192 kbps into 320 kbps? Audio quality doesn’t work in that direction. You can’t restore lost quality.

You can read about YT audio here:

Edit: I saw that the Adele song you pulled was a .webm
So the script pulls the audio as is? That would actually be more useful than using the download websites, which can screw up the quality.

I see you use youtube-dl. Great tool for downloading stream sources from a lot of webpages. A LOT. So technically, your tool shouldn’t only work with YouTube.

I must however back @J_P: You cannot generate new data using scaling or distortion methods. A 100x100 JPEG will without additional information about the content not be higher quality if you scale it to 1000x1000 and put some filters on it. Replace pixels by bitrate for audio.

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I am working on a new feature that downloads the songs from other sites but from the youtube url and i will see how it goes

I know that but i am planing to make first a program only for youtube

I also use youtube-dl with my media streaming player, mpv.