YouTube Is Cracking Down Ad Blockers

Heya everyone, I came back from the cabin in the woods with my big brother and his wife, along with my father and mother.

Sadly for me, I quit using YouTube because they have been cracking down ad blockers, and I’m furious to see this when I’m came back.

I delete my YouTube channel with all my videos I’ve uploaded so far.

Since Susan quits her job as CEO, and was replace with Neal Mohan which seems like a good choice for making changes, but it doesn’t.

YouTube is testing a new feature for their site to block ad blockers (such AdBlock, AdBlock Plus, UBlock Origin, and many others).

This is literally the “next gen rickrolling” but worse than ever. If you tried to use ad blockers on a video, you get a warning. Use it three times, and you’re out.

You’ll be forced to pay YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience, or disable the ad blocker entirely.


Sadly for many ad blockers like UBlock Origins, OP devs are working around the clock to fix this growing problem. And by mean “fix this growing problem” I mean YouTube tracking the ad blockers devs their every moves to prevent from bypassing.

My UBlock Origins extension hasn’t receiving any updates aside from YouTube cracking down ad blockers.

Never underestimate peoples hatred for ads lol, they’ll find a way around whatever YouTube implements to stop adblocking.
uBlock Origin already has instructions on how to remove the “adblockers aren’t allowed on YouTube” pop up on their subreddit.

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How they gonna do that against the pop up?

Using uBlock Origin, you can add this to your uBlock dashboard under My Filters to get rid of it. Or if you’re lazy like me you can just hide it with the element zapper / eyedropper., yt.config_.openPopupConfig.supportedPopups.adBlockMessageViewModel, false), Object.prototype.adBlocksFound, 0), ytplayer.config.args.raw_player_response.adPlacements, []), Object.prototype.hasAllowedInstreamAd, true)

Android users can use NewPipe, a free and open-source YouTube player.


For iPhone users?

iPhone users can buy an android


UblockOrigin + Revanced chads where you at?

They’re also phasing out MV2 extensions for Chrome.
This is even worse news because MV3 can restrict access to content filtering on the Chrome browser…

Boy do I miss the days of 2007-internet.
They’ll figure out a way around Google’s mess sooner or later, but it’s all such a drag…

The company is slated to phase out older ‘Manifest V2’ Chrome extensions in June, meaning an end to the existing version of uBlock Origin, a popular ad blocker for the browser.

The phaseout will start in June 2024, when Google begins disabling older Chrome extensions built with the “Manifest V2” system. “Users impacted by the rollout will see Manifest V2 extensions automatically disabled in their browser and will no longer be able to install Manifest V2 extensions from the Chrome Web Store,” the company says.

This should only apply mostly to Chrome, other browsers like Brave will continue to function as normal in the future.