Your favorite song and why

This gives me the inspiration for an animated story of a little animatronic robot who is the last survivor from the city of the future in the year 2084, journey to save the last human lives from evil robotrons, and wishes to don’t stop believing.

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This song brings me back to about two years ago when i was severely depressed. At that time i was playing titanfall 2, a game that could take me away from the existential dread plaguing the rest of my life.

This screenshot comes to mind when i hear the song.

The subtle piano and harmonica throughout the song make me very happy for some inexplicable reason.

Disco Duck song

Hard to pick just one but this one’s definitely up there, for no special reason other than I just like it

very relaxing imo

just so damn catchy, i love the synth and drums and fucking everything about it
to be honest this entire album is kickass and i’d say this song is neck and neck with sin

head like a hole was also what heavily inspired a song off the system shock 1 OST (you can hear the similarities immediately with the drums)

legendary album and inspired the soundtracks to many games of the time.
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reminds me of my indie online multiplayer furry game

The pinnacle of Blackgaze (Black Metal + Post-Rock/Shoegaze), in my opinion.

I’ve been jamming to this lately. It’s such a different sound for them and J-Dog’s screams are incredible