Your Best and Worst Moments of 2017?


2017 is nearing it’s finale, and so I’m asking you this:

What are your best and worst moments of 2017?
They can be Tower Unite related.


Best Moment - @A_Blue_Gryphon opening 1,000 silver catsacks and getting a cosmic catsack

Worst Moment - Lots of schoolwork and family issues


Best Moment: Discovering and listening to The Adventure Zone which kept the menial summer job I worked interesting as well as made me legitimately cry by the end. I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Worst Moment: My laptop’s GPU dying. Apparently someone thought it would be a good idea to solder the part right to the motherboard, so it’s not feasibly replaceable for me. On the bright side, it still works for less intensive games/software (and thus still works great for any schoolwork I need to do) and it gives me an excuse to take the summer job cash and build my first desktop PC (a moderate, budget gaming PC build with a graphics card that isn’t soldered to the motherboard).


aren’t ALL laptop GPUs soldered on? Why wouldn’t they be soldered on?


Desktop GPUs typically aren’t soldered straight to the motherboard, so I don’t really see a reason why laptop GPUs should be either. Of course, I’m not exactly a PC technician so I don’t really know the benefits and drawbacks of soldering something together versus just using wires, so I guess I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the norm. I’m just used to GPUs being considered as a separate, replaceable component, so I had been assuming that the GPU would be replaceable, thus being a much cheaper and more convenient alternative to building a new computer entirely.


Well in a laptop, things need to be as minimal footprint as possible. I’ve literally never seen a laptop gpu and I’ve owned and played around with several, so it doesn’t surprise me that they are soldered to it. About the only thing you, the end user, are capable of hotswapping in (most) laptops are the RAM and storage device.


Best: Getting to avoid my life problems and insted playing TU
Worst: Not Avoiding My life Problems


Best Moments : Passing my Maths exam, featuring on the Bone Zone.

Worst Moments : My grandad dying, and stress from exams


Best Moment: Met my girlfriend, bonded by playing lots of Tower Unite and still going strong 8 months on. Thank you based devs for giving us a great place to hang out while we spew memes and explore condos together.

Worst Moment: Accidentally trapped one of my cats tail in a door and still feel guilty to this day. He’s made a great recovery thanks to the vets and hopefully the insurance is covering most of it but I still feel awful that I caused it even accidentally.