You want to know what I think we need?

VR support. Sure, you can get the same thing with VRChat, but I think it would be cool to have special servers (or do what Overkill did with Payday 2 and do regular and VR support in the same server), so you can play all the minigames and interact with other players in VR! Sure, Workshop Creators might get screwed a little bit by having to mark where all the joints are for the roomscale VR players out there, but it shouldn’t be THAT hard… So do you agree with me? Discuss in the comments! (If there are any, this is my first post on these forums…)

VR was actually originally planned for TU, but that was back before Pixeltail really knew what they were getting in to. The promise to include it had to be broken since TU was never really designed to be a VR game from the outset, and adding VR as an afterthought isn’t something that’s easy to go about doing.

It’s possible that VR support might end up included in some limited capacity (like on one of the boardwalk rides, for example), but I wouldn’t bet on it.

I know some people have unofficially played TU in VR. It’s been a while and I don’t really want to hunt down the threads, but if you’re itching to try it out you might try a quick search through these forums.

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It’s currently impossible to play Tower in VR. You can force it with an old SDK version and an alpha copy of tower, but all VR has been disabled in the current game’s engine properties, because of launch issues with SteamVR.

I, too, would love love love at least rudimentary VR implementation, even if the control scheme is with an xbox controller, but I just feel that too much would have to be redone to make VR work in Tower. It’s just too incompatible imo.

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Hi, we’ve talked about in the past about why Tower Unite doesn’t have VR, and why we don’t have plans on implementing it here.

Meh, VR is kinda overrated. With VR chat being a thing, I don’t see why tower needs it. Sure it’s sorta cool, but mostly a gimick. If it was easy to implement, I would be all for it, but seeing as it so dang hard to add in after the fact, it’s just not worth it.