You teased us and now we need it : SURF

WE NEED SURF!!! it would be amazing

If you mean like actual surfing, then sure. If you mean the Gmod gamemode, then I’ll pass.


I think it originated in Counter-Strike before GMod.

Has anyone tried making surfing happen in condos at all?

They’re talking about the Source game mode. It’s already out there, I don’t see a point in adding it to TU.

They showed on stream that they’re updating movement to allow for things like surfing and bhopping. While they aren’t adding either as gamemodes, you will be able to build courses in your condo and it’ll work. On the stream they also mentioned possibly adding ramps and stuff to make surfing tracks more doable.


I was kinda hoping they were refering to the Surf’s Up video game.

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I bet people are going to be making surf games in their condos. I mean, hell, when workshop comes out and you can make your own condos TU is gonna start to string a little bit closer to something like GMod anyways. I have no doubt someone is gonna make a surf condo some day.

Please no. Don’t add inferior versions of already existing gamemodes into TU. If you want to play surf, boot up Garry’s mod, TF2 or Counter-strike.

No love for KZmod?

Never heard of it, sorry.

it doesnt have to be a gamemode just like a secret area in the plaza or something


When the Ocean Expansion comes out, it would be pretty neat if there was a secret island with a bhop/surf track on it.


[details=My opinion on the new movement mechanics]When I first saw the physics revealed in the stream, I knew immediately that Tower Unite was doing something I deemed impossible: it could be considered a wonderful cross between Playstation Home and Counter-Strike: Source surfing that I never imagined I wanted. Now it’s possible to do crazy things, like fishing while Source-esque surfing and bhopping, and other things in the same game. The same game! This game, it’s something greater than what I could ever have imagined!

I am ecstatic to see the functionality being implemented. Not only does its implementation destroy the illusion of, “oh, it’s just another Playstation Home”, it instead makes me wonder at how modern and interesting the game can actually be.[/details]

It would be nice to have a Lobby minigame spawn in ramps and have players surf down from the Tower rooftop in the plaza, perhaps to the other nearby islands come Ocean Expansion. The objective could just be a race, or maybe have something like Super Mario 64's slide levels with coins to grab on the way, which would determine the player's score.

As a completely new gamemode, I don’t think it would quite fit. Accelerate is already a racing-style gamemode, even if it’s not a time attack one, and I think TU probably only needs one of those kinds of games. I do like the idea people have been suggesting of having some surf-style areas in the lobby (this would be nice in the ocean expansion). I will say that I’m quite glad they’re developing this kind of movement; it’s not only fun to perform, but incites skill. Plus, it allows even those who have no speed boosting items to keep up with and even surpass the fastest players (if they can keep their speeds up).


if it was a secret area like the princess slide in Super Mario 64 it would be great