You Should be Able to do Emotes in Game Worlds

I wanna do the funny dance in Virus and Ball Race.

Also emotes would be really good in SDNL specifically that would be really cool I think

I really want SDNL taunts still.


As long the Anonymous emote is disabled.

SDNL Taunt Kills.

Definitely Fireball and Golf Drive as taunt kills.


god, taunting while jumping around at high speed, shooting up everything around you or intimidating poor survivors sounds so gmod, i love it

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aslong as you’re not able to cancel the emote until the end

so i can get free kills if someone does it ;)))


Imagine in PVP Battle, you turn the corner on Frostbite. You want to get the Take On Me power-up, but then you see it. Someone with a Mario playermodel doing The Mario. What can you do at that point but run?