You Should be Able to do Emotes in Game Worlds

I wanna do the funny dance in Virus and Ball Race.

Also emotes would be really good in SDNL specifically that would be really cool I think

I really want SDNL taunts still.


As long the Anonymous emote is disabled.

SDNL Taunt Kills.

Definitely Fireball and Golf Drive as taunt kills.

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god, taunting while jumping around at high speed, shooting up everything around you or intimidating poor survivors sounds so gmod, i love it

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aslong as you’re not able to cancel the emote until the end

so i can get free kills if someone does it ;)))


Imagine in PVP Battle, you turn the corner on Frostbite. You want to get the Take On Me power-up, but then you see it. Someone with a Mario playermodel doing The Mario. What can you do at that point but run?