You guys might want to remove this from the official site

(Server hosting is no longer planned)
also, you should put a big “MOST OF THIS STUFF IS UNFINISHED” warning somewhere as well


Try again in English.

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Well, Condo hosting with servers is still a thing. Condo hosting also gets more expanded later on.

It says “Join official servers or host your own” and is under other Plaza activities, so I just assumed it’s talking about plaza servers exclusively

Pickletail said they’re replacing Lobby hosting with Community condos

No matter how I look at it, it still seems like english to me, no need to be so salty


As it stands, we still support the Lobby hosting feature.

Condo hosting is still considered “host your own”, as you can host Game World servers and Condos. That line is comparing other virtual world games that do not let you host any of your own servers as they use their own official servers. In other words, if Tower Unite official server support was dropped, you can still play the game (we have exit procedures for official Lobby servers post Condo dedicated changes). It still applies, but can be moved once we release dedicated Condo support.

The Early Access part implies most of the website content is unfinished. We are currently working on a completely new website.