You can't press the vote button on some mobile resolutions

Currently using a Nexus 6 (not sure what the resolution is), and the vote button just refuses to be pressed.

I also have a Nexus 6, it’s 1440p. The vote button is fine for me?

EDIT: Thought you mean “like” at first. You’re right, I can’t vote using it. Never tried before this :stuck_out_tongue:

Press the vote button on your computer instead of your mobile phone.

That’s not a solution, this forum software is supposed to be mobile friendly.

This mightn’t be something PixelTail can fix, though. I wouldn’t know, but perhaps contacting the Discourse team would help.


I mainly go on the forums on the computer, but I don’t know if it’s an issue on his phone, or the mobile forums software.

I would say it’s the mobile forums’ problem, speaking that both OP and CSxDeity are having the same issue. I just tested it on my phone and, although I was able to tap it and successfully vote, it was pretty finnicky and I tapped the title and a few other things while trying to hit it.