YorkTown95's Introduction

Well, mostly I’ve been lurking on the forums keeping up to date on the Tower Unite updates (I’m also part of the backer thing since I have alpha access to TU).

But first of all, I’ve been playing Gmod Towers for at least a year and Garry’s Mod has been a thing for me for years (When an old friend of mine introduced me to it). Still fun as it is, but I’m definitely looking forward to Tower Unite itself once it goes public (or however you wanna say this).

I’m definitely looking forward meeting some new people and eventually becoming a friend, feel free to add me on steam if you wish (Feel free to ask me for a URL to my steam page). I’m very friendly once you get to know me on a personal level. I’d like to say that my birthday is coming up in a few weeks (I was born on December 24th, 1995) so I will be turning 20 by then. I’m currently attending college to earn my business administration associates degree. As some of you are curious, I currently enjoy My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Haven’t been keeping up with the new episodes lately, but I remembered getting into the show back in 2011).

But yeah, I’ll also answer some questions if you guys are quite curious about myself. But keep in mind I’m kinda shy for the first time since I’ve written this up. Thank you for reading my introduction however,

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Welcome to the forums!

Oi! Welcome to the forums!

One day
You will be regular! :smiley:

welcome to one of the worlds of Pixeltail games.

Welcome to the PixelTail forums @YorkTown95. Pull up a chair around the campfire and enjoy your stay. :slight_smile:

Greetings. There are loads of bronys on here so you will fit in.

(im not btw)

I don’t associate directly with the fandom itself, but I do enjoy the show and have an online pony persona ahah.
Welcome to the forums!

awww dat pictures cute

@Sapphire I’m about the same as well. I don’t follow the fandom either. Which does remind me to keep up with the episodes.

@DrDoctor Why thank you, a good friend of mine cropped the image and allowed me to use it. Obviously, Twilight is my favorite pony after all.

As for everyone else, thank you for the heartwarming welcome.

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