Yogscast Jingle Jam 2018

Hey there everyone! It’s December and that can only mean one thing: It’s time for my favorite annual event to take place! It’s time for the annual Yogscast Jingle Jam and I want to share it with anyone who doesn’t know about it yet.

What is a Yogscast and why does it jingle and jam?
The Yogscast is an entertainment company (that’s crazy to even say) spanning across multiple channels that had its start back in the days of classic WoW. The Yogscast began with only a handful of people who made random videos on a game they loved and grew in size and popularity when they began their focus on Minecraft videos. Time passed and today the Yogscast has grown from a small group of people who had no idea what they were doing in WoW and Minecraft to over 50 people who also have no clue what they’re doing but still manage to make some really funny videos and even host a massive annual charity event.

Moving on to the Jingle Jam, it is an annual tradition that had its start back in 2011 that aims to raise money for charity by having the Yogscast stream games and other nonsense everyday for the entire month of December. During its first year the stream raised a total of £66,040 ($102,988) for a single charity and had a focus on just playing games. Further years rose more funds, got a wider range of things to stream (from cooking shows to karaoke) and got a larger number of charities involved as well. Last year that they managed to raise a whopping £4,633,278 ($5,245,722) and allowed the choice of either 6 pre-chosen charities or let you choose your own from a list of over a hundred thousand!

Where does one watch and donate?
The streams can be found on Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/yogscast) and take place every day from 11:00 to 23:00 GMT. This week’s schedule can be found here:

Outside of those times participate in YogsCinema and vote on and watch reruns of some of their most memorable and popular videos throughout the years. Every stream is saved as a video on their channel so there’s no need to be worried about missing out completely on them.

For the past years donations have been handled through Humble Bundle (https://www.humblebundle.com/yogscast/yogscast-jingle-jam-2018) and lets you decide how much you want to donate and where you want that donation to go.

Highlights of the Past Years and Streams

GMTower Video Series (2012)


Lewis Wears a Sexy Bee Costume (2012)


Elevator Source (2013)


Africa Group Karaoke (2017)


Jingle Jam 2017 Rewind


Why Should You Watch Jingle Jam 2018 Streams


Musical Remixes of Past Years


Final Words
To me the streams are special because they bring everyone together to relax and mess around during the holiday season. Every day has something new to watch and stars some of my favorite people on the internet and its all done for the sake of charity. They give off a cozy vibe and give me something to look forward to every single year.

It’s absolutely wonderful and the Yogscast was the main reason I even found GMTower when they streamed the original gamemode on the Jingle Jam back in 2012. They’re wonderful people and I’m happy to still be watching their content to this day and I hope you can enjoy them as well. :heart:


turps confirmed that its going to be all games this year (no dlcs)
and it is going to have garrys mod and rust in it

also same with me (and im guessing many people apart of the TU community) only found gmod tower from yogscast. They are a great group of people not making any money from this, they are doing it for everyone entertainment, to spread joy and to help charities.
i recommend you donate, since it is 70+ games worth over for about $35 and every bit of the money goes to charity!


The bundle is now live for anyone interested:

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just got it

Oh hell yeah!

I remember grabbing last year’s bundle; there were some surprise gems in it.

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I’m looking for GW2 keys from this so if anyone doesn’t want theirs I am happy to give some keys they don’t already have for them. (Though I recommend using them yourself as it’s a great MMO!)

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QFT. There’s rollerbeetle racing now. YOU CAN RACE ON GIANT CUTE BUGS.

The race tracks fit so nicely on the old maps too. Been fun just to roll past events and places I haven’t seen in forever. It’s been an excellent year for GW2!

I played guild wars 2 and my favourite part was doing dailies and not actually playing the game

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Hehe, I always fall into the same trap with every MMO I play where I stop playing the “base” game (combats and quests) and just focus on whatever crafting system they have.

Guild wars was no different and I spent hours grinding materials and crafting whatever I could trying to raise my crafting level and moving on to the next tier of stuff to make.

i didn’t like guild wars 2

now thats epic

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i am not sure what you mean by this. could you please elaborate?

He’s saying that is epic.

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thank you. i understand now