Ye Olde Trouble of Corrupted Saves

(Sorry if this isn’t the right topic for this, feel free to move it if it isn’t).

So after some tests I’ve cornered the cause of saves where canvases become rearranged or corrupted, replacing each other as if by magic.

If creating your condo via a plaza (for me I tried Chicago, I get 100 ping average there) and after some editing you decide to save, reloading that save or simply leaving and re joining can corrupt it when it tries to load your previous progress.
However, doing the exact same by hosting via the main menu, editing and then saving does not.

Now this could be because of two reasons:
1). Plazas where you recieve high ping causes this corruption, not sure why or how but it could be the cause.
2). Saving whilst having your condo hosted to the plaza (even in singleplayer strangely enough) CAN cause your save to be corrupted.

So take note; if you’re wanting to edit your condo. Host from the menu to be safe. :+1:

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