XP Reset in Plaza & Bowling

Heya, so for some context I’ve been having connection issues for a while in Tower, which is on my side. I live on a boat at the moment and use a phone hotspot so i encounter issues frequently. Given that, I got disconnected earlier and when i came back into the lobby my XP in only the plaza and bowling were reset. I’m not sure when exactly it happened because I still have all my milestone items and my achievements are still the same, so I was playing like normal until I noticed it when my friends in the bowling alley all checked our stats and I looked at mine myself. I saw that there have been some that have had their XP reset for using macros in the game but I haven’t and I’m not sure if it could be a connection or database error or something, I have no clue lol. If you could help me, I’d appreciate it a ton. my steam profile link is Steam Community :: skankz ₆⁶₆⛧ ⸸ for reference. Thanks a ton <3