xmas mini game ideas!

xmas minigame ideas (based in a snow biome map)

Reindeer Runner
ride reindeers to the other side, who ever collects the most candy runs faster to the end to win.

Roast Blockage
Match the xmas roast dinner foods to the correct tables to score more points, while either side has elfs blocking your way/other players.

Springy Santa
Jump onto roofs of basic streets of houses to deliver presents to the right coloured houses matching the presents colour.

Antler Hoopers
Players wear a set of reindeer horns to try catch the most hoops from the sky. (hoops despawn if they fall ontop of the horns under 3 seconds on)

Evil Elf Outrage
Shoot Zombie Elves from reaching your Ginger bread base, team with players to shoot them down to stop ruinning christmas. (I know this is sort of halloween themed)

Tug of Cracker (Tug of war)
Players on both ends of the huge cracker (with ropes either side) pull by spamming the s,a,w,d keys, the players with the most key clicks wins! with shared points (units)