WTF is a download, WTF is an upload?

My understanding (which isn’t backed by any official definition, just FYI) is that it depends on the perspective. That is to say, downloading and uploading are both the same action, but they differ in that each describes a different perspective. In each case, data is being sent from one machine to another. The machine receiving the data is downloading the data, while the machine sending the data is uploading it.

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It’s also hard to take people seriously when they make fun of you in an attempt to discredit you. Thats an elementary school level tactic. Johannes is still wrong in this case but, as a fellow brony, this was highly offensive and I had to say something. Also, who cares if it’s a children’s show. So is SpongeBob and yet, I’ve never met a single person that didn’t love that show. If you hate bronies so much, you picked the wrong forum to join. There’s quite a few of us here. Hell, one of the former devs was even a brony

Which was my position until I started digging, see the first post in this thread.

i’ve never seen this many people go so hard over the definition of upload and download lmao


idk man he seems pretty trustworthy


This happens when two people have waaay too much time on their hands for a day lol. Those two people would be @JohannesDau and myself.

And I apologized for it.

While yes, people like myself enjoyed spongebob as a kid, we don’t fanboy over it in our late teens/adult years. We enjoyed it as children, and we’ve grown up since then. Regardless it doesn’t excuse the fact that I was being a jerk, but I got heated and stupid. I made a mistake, accepted it, and apologized for it. Let’s move past it now.

But, why did you even use that insult in the first place? That doesn’t make any sense to me. You see people with MLP and Spongebob profile pictures all the time.

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I agree.


Yeah I see them all the time, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s a bit strange to be fascinated by a children’s show aimed at little girls, while being an adult male.

But like I said, I apologized. What else do you want me to do? I said sorry, I said I messed up. People make mistakes. We’re all only human, you know. LET IT GO PLEASE

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I think the gist here is: We’re on the internet where we anonymously realize that strangeness is in a lot of peoples minds and if you look in the right places, isn’t actually that strange at all. For the record, you can hold on to that opinion if you want, I’m just glad you learned not to use it as an argument anymore.

And now I'll...

im a gamer

my gamer opinions are best.
My Gamer Opinion is, im Mr.Cool and yeah im like really epic!

question though…
Why cant i upload my nugget to the internet to store until needed.
like im waiting for something and i don’t have time to go buy nuggets, so i just download the nuggets i uploaded and boom, now i have the nuggets!
when will i be able to do this? or if you can How can i do this?

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ok so let’s apply these definitions to real world examples.

I have a friend called Bob. Bob hosts a FTP server. I upload pictures of naked children (6-12 year old little boys. Yummy!) so that both me and Bob can share our love for these pictures. We can both download the pictures to our own computers.

Also I absolutely hate people who are fixated on any children’s show such as Regular Show or MLP. Someone who has profile pics and who posts mlp pics in forum posts and has a dakimakura sex doll of them is lower than hitler to me. (of course Johannesdau is not this sad so I have no reason to dislike them. Harald 3 march.)


I’m so confused, this got so aggressive so quick. Or is it sarcasm?

It was a bad argument. I mean, the reason I think it’s so weird is the psychology behind it (in most cases), but that’s a discussion for another time, and I’ll keep it to myself. I guess we’re all weird in our own ways.

Are you in need of medical help?
I’m really worried about your mental health.

This is not meant as a sarcastic response, I am genuinely worried about you.
I have had experiences with strokes and brain damage before because of my granddad and you really remind me of him.

This is not a sarcastic response, I am genuinely concerned wether or not I should call a psychiatrist or help you in some way, because you are showing signs of being in need of serious help.

big ooof


no one helped me with the previous question i asked

Oh! I am very sorry about that. I will help you rightaway, my fellow gamer bro.

The reason you can not upload your nugget is because it’s a dead chicken fetus and uploading something that violent to the internet would be considered animal abuse.

You can however upload tofu.

Edit: and toenails

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ahh thanks, i see now yeah, with how the world is nowadays you can offend people like vegans and such, thanks for you quick reply :+1:

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Okay, I think it’s time this topic is closed