Would You Rather

Very simple game and the most of you might know it

How it works:
You need to answer the above question and than ask


User1:Would you rather blah blah or blah blah

User2:I rather blah blah
Would you rather blah blah or blah blah

User3::I rather blah blah
Would you rather…

So i start

Would you rather eat toast or just bread

Toast of course!!!
Would you rather play “would you rather” on http://either.io/ or in this forum post?

This forum post.

Would you rather lose all of your units in TU, or lose TU and have to buy it again (but your units are still there).

Buy TU and back up my saves. I wouldn’t mind donating twice. They deserve it :slight_smile:

Would you rather play TU on a native Linux installation (Any distro allowed) or run TU in a Windows VM with GPU passthrough on your Linux rig?

I would rather play TU in a native Linux installation.

Would you rather listen to Justin Bieber or listen to MIley Cyrus for the rest of your life

Miley Cyrus. They both have bearable music, but I prefer Miley Cyrus’ over JB.

Would you rather have one large monitor (Around 30"), or three smaller ones (Around 16")

A larger monitor.

Would you rather isolate yourself with a friend but go insane, or stay with society and remain sane?

Society, you don’t have to look for good friends m8. You got us :slight_smile:
Would you rather do excersice 6 times a week (like I do) or work as a mover full time.

Do excersise 6 times a week.

Would you rather

Ignore the thread and bake cake


Ignore the thread and make lotsa Spaghetti?

I’d rather bump another 10.000 old threads and call my self Agent2583 :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you rather eat pasta right now or not eat anything for the next hour?

pasta plz

would you rather join the milk cult or be sacrificed

join milk cult

to be, or not to be

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not to be because what are you talking about

Fruit, or vegetables

Pie or cake

depends what flavor

doggos or puppers


Bagels or beagles


Hot Sauce or Patrice Wilson?

Hot Sauce

Would you rather watch MLP or watch Steven Universe?

steven universe

would you rather die or become milk

I’d sooner die. You can’t take me alive!

Would you rather be too hot or too cold?