Would workshop unlisted reupload be allowed?

I have had multiple models in my condo mysteriously disappear from my condo because they aren’t on workshop for unknown reasons so I’m wondering would it be dumb reuploading models as unlisted in my personal workshop?

i think it depends on the original model from the upload. i’ve done it once for a model that was specifically designated as “free to use with credit” and haven’t run into any problems so far. if it’s something that the original creator uploaded and doesn’t want people using anymore or something like that, then it’d probably be a different story

How can I know? and how will the creator know it even is reuploaded?

How can I know?

if you manage to find it online, it should probably have a license stating how you can use it or a note from the creator on how they’d like people to use it. in the case i noted in my last reply, the model was on sketchfab with a cc attribution license (basically just saying you can use it however you like so long as credit is given) and the creator directly saying “made free for use, as long as people give credit” in the description. another common thing uploaded to the workshop that isn’t covered by that is ripped video game models, which also seems to be ok to upload

and how will the creator know it even is reuploaded?

unless you feel the need to tell them, idk lol

people could notify the creator about it being reuploaded or smth

how would they find it tho?

Yeah, I think I will give it a try I mean if they find it I would be extremely worried because it’s delisted

I personally wish there were a way to limit who can subscribe to addons, for things like personal models, however I don’t think Steam has an option for that. Could be wrong, though.

You need to subscribe to the addons to download and see them, so if you can’t subscribe to it then you can’t see it when somebody has it on.

let me present to you unlisted

unlisted items work I have figured