Worst Start for the Month of June

Yes, as the title says, I accidently break down the bathroom door at my intern during snack time due to an intern (who has epilipsy) knocking at the bathroom door earlier from I’m brushing my teeth.

What Happended Earlier?

I was at my intern, cutting booze stickers from the Dieu du Ciel! brand (a French-Canadian beer company if you will) until it’s snack time. After I finished my snack, I went to the bathroom at the ground floor, brushing my teeth. Until an epiliptic intern named Steve knocks at thr door. I tell Steve that “I’m busy, give me a minute”, but Steve keeps knocking at the door like four times, which angers me to break down the bathroom door, causing me to cost an arm and a leg.

Why Did You Get The Blame (From an Epiliptic Intern)?

Short answer: He’s annoying while talking to other workers.

Long answer: The reason I get the blame, not from the intern (who has epilipsy), is because I used to be a normal person at work (no talking to other workers, just working alone), but since from June 4th, I break down the bathroom door from the ground floor, thus I deserve to cost an arm and a leg for the damage I’ve caused. In order to say sorry, I had to draw a picture of sorry to Jean-François (the French-Canadian guy who built) for breaking down the door because he built the bathroom from the ground floor.

This isn’t in any way intended to be rude, but tearing a door off it’s hinges is not in any way an appropriate response to minor (or major) annoyances.
If this is the level of anger you come to from such a minuscule slight, that is dangerous and you should at least give more forethought to your actions if you know yourself to have such an explosive disposition.

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That’s a crazy bar to be spittin’, dog. What does them having epilepsy have to do with anything? Why is that the the main descriptor you’re using for them? Like it’d be one thing if they had some kind of behavioral disorder–which still wouldn’t be okay to call out like this–but calling out their epilepsy seems massively irrelevant.

Is… is not talking to your coworkers considered normal there? Also I know that it is good practice to brush after eating, but is brushing after a mid-day snack at work considered the norm?