Worst Cliches

Post your worst cliches in either of these categories:

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  • Literatures and Novels
  • Comics and Web Comics

Probably the “invisible wall” cliche is the most annoying cliche in my opinion (I do get the fact that games strict you from going out of bounds but still) but I do like some games that don’t have it but still strict you (like hl2’s leeches and bl2’s turrets (on certain maps))

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I hate the cliché of the “corrupt protagonist who tries to apologize but accidentally killed his friends”. The web comic that stuck with me the most was the werewolf web comic issue of “Chemical Attraction” where all the humans (in the establishment) who are themselves werewolves, except one who is a berserk being corrupted by an immortal being who forces our protagonist to kill one of his friends.

Let’s face it: Killing is not the same as apologizing. If you’re corrupted as a berserk werewolf (like the protagonist here) and you try to apologize for doing bad things to your friends, you end up getting out of control of an evil being, and you LITERALLY kill one of your friends. I’m so sad when this comic issue gets canceled; people are complaining about the artist’s work and/or mood.

Joss Whedon dialogue.
“Erm… That just happened?”
“He’s right behind me, isn’t he?”
“That sounded better in my head…”
etc, etc.

It’s annoying as hell and full of insecurity that you can’t write dialogue without burying it under 30 layers of irony and snark.