Workshop vehicles - Vehicle stats [Obsolete]

I lasted played Accelerate in the Wishy-Washy Waterfall levels with someone on my server.

However, I got my bare behind kicked by the Twilight Sparkle vehicle that just outclasses every Workshop vehicle with full speed, and it’s impossible to catch up. I’m sure he or she got away with the overpowered vehicle, or in this case, the “unstoppable alicorn supremacy”.

Today, I’m suggesting vehicle stats for every Workshop vehicle for Accelerate, this includes, but not limited to:

  • Speed: an overall top speed.
  • Acceleration: how fast you reached your top speed.
  • Handling: how close you stick to a corner.
  • Weight: affects both how far you drift off course when you power slide.
  • Traction: allows you to traverse routes off of the main track faster.

I’m pretty sure once this update came up, all Workshop vehicles will outdated and the creators will add stats to the old Workshop vehicle, testing, and finalize before submitting.

EDIT: I removed the info from the weight because I will never let players push other players off the course.

EDIT 2: This suggestion is completely obsolete and therefore to be closed.

Workshop Karts for Accelerate are just cosmetic, and in no way change how the karts perform.


If something like this were ever to be added you would need a pool of points in order to prevent everyone from maxing all stats, rendering the feature completely useless outside of joke karts.

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