Workshop UI Improvement

I think the one thing we all love about the Workshop is how it gives multiple people the chance to upload their amazing creations or import items from various games and websites. However, I think there needs to be an improvement on how we can filter through this list.

It would be nice if we could filter specifically by the creator on workshop items. A lot of people may be familiar with Workshop creators like Computrix who uploads a lot of computer-themed items which are of high quality.

Simply just adding a text box that adds the ability to search by a certain person’s models would be amazing. You could also add a feature that favorites a specific creator (allows the creator to get a badge for having amazing workshop items, therefore, giving a reward to the people who do this amazing service and can lead to an increase in people uploading high-quality workshop models to get this badge).

Thanks, I hope you all agree with this suggestion and I hope to see it added!