Workshop physics items disappear when placed

Whenever the Workshop Physics item is placed down, it appears for millisecond, but then it disappears.
Searching for it results in the camera angle being tilted downward, as if it’s falling out of the map.

Did you place the physics item in Highrise? They fall under the floor in that condo for some reason.


Yeah this is a known issue with Highrise that I hope to solve soon.

A’ight, got it.
Great job with development by the way, and let the team know I wish em’ good luck!

By the way, there’s also some strange blue light in multiple areas of the highrise, and i can’t seem to find the source of it.

I’ve even reset the condo, but it’s still there.

Nevermind, it’s the moon intensity.
I liked having it on though, but i guess i’ll just wait for a change in how it works or something :stuck_out_tongue:

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