Workshop Maps for Minigames / Why is the game gets boring?

I was wondering why there aren’t so many player in the game?

Is the game bad? - No it isn’t. It’s early access but really enjoyable in my opinion.

Is the game gets boring after 30-40 hours? - That’s possibly the point. but why is that? Let’s discuss it out.

Well as a gamer i have played many games. The games in Tower Unite (Little Crussaders, Ball Race etc.) are amazing and they are full of fun with friends. But playing over and over on the same maps isnt really funny by time. No new experience, no new things to happen on the maps. I have played some games where were access to make custom maps by in game Map-Editior and upload them to the workshop for other players. Not all of them was cool and some of them was unplayable caused by too many objects or animations on the map but in 98% they worked really well and was totally fun. The system was simple. The host subscribed the map on Steam Workshop and the rest of them downloaded it through the game when they joined in to the lobby.

In my mind the map editior would allow you these things:

  • Set Difficulty to your level
  • Take objects to the positions
  • Set the melons on the maps
  • Allows you to add custom music
  • Allows you to change the gravity in some points (just a random idea)

In my opinion it would bring big amount of players back and make the minigames even more fun for everyone.

Workshop custom maps is a goal of ours, but it’s a lot of work. Definitely has a lot of benefits. We are getting to that point soon, but after Community Condos.

The game will improve once it has progression in the games other than Units (which is the next major update).


In the future, if/when this happens, will you guys be accepting exceptional community maps as “official” ones like you did with Neox’s Oasis (and such) back in the day?