Workshop Item Flagged

It appears my Workshop upload, “Synthia, the FTL Rebel Synth”, has been flagged as non-compliant with Community Guidelines.

I contacted Steam Support, but I received a message stating the content was removed by the developer and not Steam. I just find this a bit strange, as the model received no complaints and stayed uploaded for more than two years without issue. If it was some serious content violation, I would have expected this issue to be brought up a lot sooner. Regardless, if it is something I can correct, I would like to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

I apologize in advance for taking up your time!

We recently went through workshop and removed any models that broke any of our rules that we previously missed.

From looking over your upload, it broke the rule of Hypersexualized Features (over exaggerated chests, hips, “bulges”, etc.). (