Workshop Hula dolls/bobble heads

First off, yes I’m aware of the item megathread but I believe this idea needs as much exposure as possible.

Alright, so I’m proposing a workshop alternative of the regular cat hula doll and/or workshop bobble heads. Fullstop.

Edit: Just to clear this up, I meant a workshop item with the swaying feature (like the current updated hula doll) and a workshop ‘bobble head’ (in which the designated ‘head’ of a model would bob up and down).

All joking aside here’s the tool you will need:
To extract the Hula doll model from gmod or an addon if you decide to download a HL2 hula doll addon

To decompile the .gma file so that you can get the .obj file and textures for blender
Any knowledge you might be missing can be gotten with the ancient mystical art of Google-fu

I see I haven’t been quite clear in my wording, apologies. I’ve since edited the post to be more clear in my suggestion.

That won’t be possible at the moment unless currennt workshop furniture items can have triggerable animations.

Maybe if the devs adds this function to the workshop editor then you could make one.

That’s what I’m suggesting. I’m not asking anyone to make a model which functions in this manner.

Workshop items with trigerable animations…
i guess that could be cool…
i wouldn’t see it being anytime soon if it does happen, since it would probably be a pain to implement, and a even bigger pain to make not exploitable so people dont make items that glitch out and make you game have a mini heart attack, and there wouldn’t be that many items that would need this.
cool idea though.