Workshop Gun Models

I made guns and re-made overwatch guns in Cinema 4d for Tower Unite :smiley:
here is my work :smiley:

OverWatch WaterGun model 100% finsihed

New WaterGun model 87% finsihed

After Render

Tell me if you like it


Looks nice, but i’m afraid if it’s in TU; it might get copy-wrecked.

What about the new water gun i made


No problem at all iirc.

Nick, tutorial on blender pls

Why would a workshop submission be copyright striked? There are probably hundreds of Overwatch assets on Garry’s Mod’s workshop, what makes TU’s different?

This was posted when i was thinking that “using models from other games without permission might get a copyright strike”, Sorry for being small-minded for this.


They are still infringing copyright

I never used blender :stuck_out_tongue: i use Cinema 4d

I should get it later on, atleast i have photoshop and premiere pro and fl studio 12

Okay? My point still stands.

Blizzard is fine with it, as long as it is not modified to uh
do things.