Workshop editor - Advanced Material settings

Hello there! I have an idea about improving workshop editor!
In Ue4 we have a good material sdk, this sdk supports the:
1)Normal Maps
3)Clear Coat
4)Glass Transparence
5)Polygon Deformation(such as wind grass, rotator)
6)Metal Effect
And More, More Options
So with variables, this options of Materials can be changeable for workshop modellers.
It will be usable for the Furniture and PlayerModels.
I’ve make examples, how it can be in game.
So let’s take a look to Sketchfab’s Material Properties System.

It’s Simple Material Options, without Polygon Deformation

It’s good for the example:
How can it be ingame?
So I Maked draft in photoshop how can it be.

I think thats enough.
Thanks for your attention!

PBR is already planned for a future update if you look on the TU trello.

yes i see but there is no polygon deformation in trello such as grass wind

polygon deformation would probably be unlikely to happen since its very demanding for PCs

but PBR is a confirmed feature sometime later in the future