Won the jackpot on Wheel of Money, and then lost 900k randomly

Summary of bug here.

Hi all, I won the jackpot last night, making my total credits over 1.9 million. I was stoked. I kept playing, and then randomly got hit with a 900k loss. I don’t know where it came from.

Sadly I don’t have pictures about it. It happened in the middle of the night, so I went to bed after spending most of my credits on building a new condo and yadda yadda. I just wanted to bring it up incase someone else has this problem.


Steps to Reproduce

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What happened

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Notes / Media

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Most likely what happened here was it synced your Units slowly, so you spent 900k at some point in total.

well I hadn’t yet. I was still sitting at the machine. Then 900k was taken from me. So I figured I was getting rich person taxed.

Nah bro you were just getting middle-class taxed. Rich people don’t pay taxes remember?

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I had 12k units before sitting down at the machine. Won the jackpot on Sydney’s plaza at a little over 69k creds, which I was placing the highest bet on, and that translated into my inventory at 1.9mil units. I sat there, kept playing the machine, DIDN’T MOVE, and a little over 900k was taken from me, it even showed it taking from me. I didn’t make 900k of purchases prior to sitting down because I haven’t had that many units before, and I didn’t get up between winning and the transaction. What this tells me is either the computer did the math wrong for payout, or the game glitched.