Won at horses a bunch but didn't get any of the money

Was trying out the new casino stuff and was on the horse table and finally started to win but after the wins i noticed i wasnt getting the money and people in chat were even noticing their credits missing and getting other peoples winnings.

pic shows i just won 1.1mill yet im not sitting at 1,1mill

guy saying he thinks he got someone winning, which i assume could be mine since i wasnt seeing any of it

it was a hot mess regardless, even my buddy who was checking it out and was continuously losing at horses says he got atleast 1 mill units and he doesnt know how when he kept losing


just logged off and reloaded steam and went back into horse racing, won my first bet 1.5 mill

did another race it is instantly said -1.5 mill, something is wrong with the money and horse racing

Same here, on roulette for me. And Bingo I will randomly lose $40k. Its broken right now for me and a friend and Im not playing till its fixed or all my money will just disappear. Already lost so much.

Same outcome for me. 1.8m win and instantly had it deducted from my balance.

Now again a 390k win just didnt even go into my balance.