Won arcade jackpot but not rewarded

I was playing Whirl a fish in the arcade and I have finally managed to get the ball in the tiny jackpot circle 3 times now. Yet, it just rests on top of the hole and slowly sinks in, despawns and leaves me with disappointment as my reward :(. I take it this is a bug and its not truly rigged? I spent much time here :slight_smile: Thanks for keeping at it.

I’ve never had this issue before, even after getting the jackpot around ~10 times after the arcade released. Did a siren sound effect play when it fell in the jackpot space?

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It did not, It was only a jackpot of 200 something but, it was just crazy because I was super excited when it bounced in and then just slowly sank in and dissapeared. I am able to sink the other larger gold ring with no issue. It still rewards points. I just figured I may had done something wrong at first. However, after the 3rd I figured I’d just let folks know here so they can try to replicate :slight_smile:

This is fixed in the next hot fix. What happens is the ball dropped into a hole then bounce out of that one, into the jackpot. The game only counted the first hole it dropped into, not the jackpot one.


Same thing happening to me :frowning: Got the ball straight nto the jackpot about 4 times on 999 bonus and it didn’t give me anything ;-; the other times it just bounced straight out after