Wishy Washy Waterfall Update (

Wishy Washy Waterfall

The Wishy Washy Waterfall update is here, introducing a new map for Accelerate! Race down a high-tech track through a valley of cascading waterfalls, maneuvering around tons of curves and boosts. This update also introduces new sound effects and drifting/boost mechanics for all of Accelerate, so check those out as well!

Virus Weapon Balancing

As mentioned in our most recent devlog, we also balanced several Virus weapons, including vastly improving the Sonic Shotgun. We added Dual Silencers, which replace the single silencer weapon, increasing your survival chances. The Sci-fi handgun now has automatic burst fire, and we also increased damage for the Tommy Gun and the Sonic Shotgun.

Workshop Editor New Additions

Also mentioned in the most recent devlog, we’ve added more options for material settings for Workshop creators.

Now included are:

  • Masked mode, which allows for transparent materials that still have lighting. This mode is useful for hair or things like fences.
  • Roughness, Specular, and Metallic variables for each material in the next update. This will allow workshop creators to add shininess to their models and create metallic objects or armor.

We are working behind the scenes on improving static mesh workshop models for Condos, such as improving the lighting on them, which will be included in a following update.


Several games in the Arcade have been adjusted as we begin work on Arcade: Phase Two. Newton’s Apples, Bug Bytes, Ring God, The Offering, and The Ice Cave have all been changed, and work will continue on them and existing unfinished machines for the next updates.


  • Disabled vote kicking in Game Worlds due to extensive abuse
  • New Map: Accelerate: Wishy Washy Waterfall Track 1
  • Ended Holiday Events 2020
  • Little Crusaders Lighting Polishing Pass
  • Plaza: Daisy (the Seasons store character) got a complete character redesign
  • Plaza: Added music speaker to the boardwalk
  • Accelerate: Increased drift boost duration for second and third tier drifts
  • Accelerate: Increased kart turn angle when drifting
  • Accelerate: Reduced handling slightly when getting a boost from a drift (item boosts still have the same handling as before)
  • Accelerate: Drifting requires sharper turning to give a boost
  • Accelerate: Improved pickup visuals
  • Accelerate: Added sound FX and visual FX when you have upped in drift boost level as you are drifting
  • Accelerate: Adjusted Flux screen FX to not be as distracting, while also adjusting its overall look
  • Arcade: Newton’s Apples apples no longer bounce
  • Arcade: Bug Bytes bugs now popup fast on game start
  • Arcade: Reduced bounciness of rings in Ring God
  • Arcade: Increased Ring God timer from 40 seconds to 60 seconds
  • Arcade: You can now hold 5 balls at once in the Offering
  • Arcade: Reduced bounciness for the Offering
  • Arcade: Reduced bounciness for Ice Cave
  • Nimbus is now tagged as medium difficulty
  • Condo: Rope/string items (Christmas garlands, light strings, etc.) now stretch to their targets exactly, so they won’t not reach or overshoot their targets anymore
  • Controller: Right bumper now toggles third person on/off
  • Controller: Moved flashlight toggle to right thumb button
  • Controller: Face button top now will leave game seats / instruments
  • Controller: Virus - Secondary now works with the right shoulder button
  • Workshop Editor: Added Masked option (will allow for transparent materials that still have lighting effects on it. Useful for hair, fences, windows, etc.)
  • Workshop Editor: Added Roughness, Specular, and Metallic sliders to adjust how shiny/reflective a material is (useful for metal, armor, car paint, tiles, etc.)
  • Virus: Sci-fi Handgun is now automatic (and has 5 bullets per clip)
  • Virus: Increased Tommy Gun damage (from 15 to 22)
  • Virus: Reduced pitch of the geiger sound
  • Virus: Increased Sonic Shotgun primary damage (from 13.5 to 18). Reduced clip size to 4 from 6. Increased spread
  • Virus: Improved Sonic Shotgun airblast
  • Virus: Improved Sonic Shotgun shoot animation
  • Virus: First infected now starts with more health (from 100 to 150)
  • Virus: Infected respawn a tad bit faster (2 seconds from 3 seconds)
  • Virus: Added fully charged indicator and sound FX to the Sonic Shotgun
  • Virus: Sonic Shotgun air blast now has its own ammo of 10
  • Virus: Plasma Autorifle alt fire now has its own ammo of 10 shots
  • Virus: Added Dual Silencers (replaces the single silencer)
  • Settings: You can now adjust the game resolution up to 200% (for higher-end computers)
  • Items: New Piano note sounds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed media player volume sliders overlapping when you have the media queue open. Also fixed media player volume slider not always being there sometimes
  • Fixed Plaza grouping feature not working
  • Fixed Virus radar not hiding when pressing F5 or using the camera
  • Fixed third person toggle button (default T) occurring while in instruments, which would cause third person to toggle while playing piano
  • Fixed Controller aim sensitivity not applying for Condo/Plaza
  • Fixed players fading while you are in a seat
  • Virus: Fixed Infected falling animations being weird
  • Virus: Fixed name tags not showing up sometimes
  • Virus: Fixed Plasma Autorifle charge status not being displayed on the weapon properly
  • Casino: Fixed players next to you fading out with the new fade system
  • Fixed players you are playing with in Bowling or other activities fading
  • Fixed long-standing bug where players sometimes weren’t put into a seat (and also can’t sit back down) but are still part of the game for Trivia (and similar Plaza games like Typing Derby)
  • Fixed emote camera going into first person with small player models
  • Fixed bone issues with workshop player model idle pose
  • Arcade: Fixed ticket machine repeating insert sound noise
  • Arcade: Fixed rotating games having laggy rotation. Games improved are: Wheely Rigged, Newton’s Apples, and Whirl-a-Fish
  • Arcade: Fixed Bug Bytes bugs not all awarding the same point amounts
  • Arcade: Fixed weapons being usable in certain scenarios
  • Arcade: Fixed The Offering ending before the last ball has settled
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed ghost wavy shader issue
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed lantern not working in Mystic Grove if you selected Mystic Grove as the next map
  • Accelerate: Fixed drunk effects staying on forever sometimes
  • Fixed Wearable Fuzzy Dice being invisible
  • Fixed wrong LOD materials for reception desk at Rob’s Imports

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