Wishing You Well For The Holidays

##Hey Again & Happy Holidays!

We’re excited to release a new alpha for backers who have alpha access. This alpha contains work in progress Game World to Lobby travel, new Ball Race features, and all around polish! You can read the change log here: http://forums.pixeltailgames.com/t/tower-unite-alpha-0-0-7-0/3591

##ALERT, ALERT! All backers must submit their backer information by the end of DECEMBER!

Head over to the backer panel and customize your digital rewards and make sure you submit your final requests. Please also LINK YOUR STEAM ACCOUNT with your Tower Unite backer account so we can properly deliver your digital rewards

Failure to link your Steam account will result in loss of your digital rewards. We simply cannot deliver your digital rewards if you do not link your steam account.

To all backers who have emailed us about specific requests: we will be contacting you next week to finalize your requests.

Again, all backers who want the receive their rewards need to provide us with their information by DECEMBER 31ST, 2015!

So head over to http://www.towerunite.com/backer and login with your backer email and Tower Unite backer key. If you forgot your key, please use the website to request a new one using your backer email.

##As Always, Stay In Touch
Come be part of the community and join our forums and our Discord chat. We’re always active and there to answer your questions!


Cheers for remaining me about the backer rewards. I have indeed not completed that yet.

I want to wish a Merry Christmas to all members of the PixelTail staff, and thanks a ton for all the work you guys have done thus far! :santa:

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Is there a way to check if we’ve submitted out information and if not, can we have a link?

The backer panel tells you if you submitted it or not

Really sorry, but i’m a total idiot to this, where can i find that?

Right below the Submit button it has text that tells you when you last submitted. I’ll make it bigger.

Question: @macdguy

I accidentally linked my secondary account to the Tower Unite Alpha a while back. And I just linked the Backer Rewards to my Main account.

Does this change anything or make a problem?

If the account you linked doesn’t have Tower Unite on it, then you can’t get the rewards.

Basically the way it works is when you start up the game, it’ll check if your Steam ID matches a backer account’s Steam ID then award you with the stuff. If you have a different Steam ID linked on your backer account than the one that launches Tower Unite - you will not get your items.

So if I just re-purchase Tower Unite when it comes out during Early Acces on my Main account, the backer items will still be present?



Thank you for all the work you guys have put in over the last year. Have a great Christmas and a happy new year and can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves in 2016. :smile: :christmas_tree:

Looking forward to 2016 and Tower Unite! Happy Holidays everyone.

I linked my account on 3rd of January is that a problem and, if so, any way you can help?