[WIP] Old School Condo showcase

Hi! I’ve spent some time doing a little project, it’s mostly a throwback themed showcase of Id Software games such as Doom and Quake, and others, it’s still a work in progress, I plan to polish a section which is going to be GoldSrc themed (Half-Life 1) and Source Themed as well (Half-Life 2 and others)

Here are a couple of pics:

The Quake Ranger’s face slowly changes his face expressions at 0.01 rate

As you can see, I’ve arranged a lot of big boxes in the DVD Canvas template single-handedly one by one, it was painful but worth it

This Doomguy’s face sticker also slowly changes his face at 0.015 rate

Anyways, I’ll keep on updating this thread overtime, it’s gonna be a lot of work to be done but i’ll be sure to finish it sometime, if my time serves me well.

Thanks for watching!


I love the lil Cacodemon, he’s just vibing.


The Doom Slayer is at his limit, he can’t fucking take it any longer


This is amazing…

Great job!