Winter Variant of the Suite Condo

Since there’s an autumn version of the Smooth Dirt condo coming out I thought it would be cool if there could be a winter variant of the Suite condo too.

You would spawn in the suite like the normal condo, but instead of being attached to a tower the suites would be log cabins in a snowy forest and the aquariums could be replaced with fireplaces.

I actually really like this idea!

A log cabin condo is something I’ve been hoping to see for a while now, I really hope this gets added


Absolutely! suite is by far the coziest condo so this is a perfect pick

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Maybe even extending the outer bounds of the Suite.


The resort has a cabin in it. Very cosy

Just spitballing here but…

I’ve recently designed a new material setup for the upcoming winter event in the plaza. It allows me to assign specific materials that have a toggle that toggles snow on top of them. Theoretically, I could implement this system in the condos as well and with cooperation from the coders, have some kind of snow toggle or something. I’ll look into this when I have the time.