Winter Plaza (

Brr, did someone turn down the thermostat? Snow has appeared all around the Plaza! Wrap up warm and check out Lobby 3’s winter look in this bite-sized update.


  • Updated the Plaza for Winter
  • Optimised the original canvas model, should reduce draw calls in condos with lots of canvases
  • Optimised some appearance items
  • Added Ghoulcery Store to Celebrations (so you can still spend your Ghoul Coins after the events)
  • Plaza: Added ladders around the lazy river to allow players to get out easier
  • Virus: Added “out of ammo” HUD notification next to the crosshair for better visibility when you’re out of ammo
  • Virus: Added “infected by Player Name” HUD notification
  • Ball Race: Improved “ready go”, “fail”, and “bonus” HUD animations

Bug Fixes

  • Plaza: Fixed various holes and collision issues
  • Plaza: Fixed various doors not having solid collision
  • Plaza: Fixed palm trees having wind in the Casino
  • Plaza: Lazy river is less likely to make you collide onto the outside walls
  • Plaza: Lazy river is now much faster
  • Fixed ceiling fan item colliding with inventory traces
  • Fixed an exploit with upgrades
  • Fixed ball race orb milestone not loading workshop models or having animations
  • Fixed issues when using the appearance editor while having the ball race orb milestone equipped
  • Fixed an exploit with Condo items
  • Virus: Fixed Plasma Autorifle sounds playing even if the weapon is out of ammo
  • Virus: Fixed Plasma Autorifle sounds not playing after auto reloading
  • Plaza: Fixed collisions with minigame arena, where sometimes players would clip through the center area
  • Plaza: Fixed minigame pickupables (ex. food from Food Frenzy) spawning underground sometimes
  • Plaza: Fixed inventory traces breaking in various places, preventing placement of fireworks on boardwalk, etc.
  • Plaza: Fixed being able to enter minigame event teleporters with RC vehicles
  • Minigolf - Alpine: Fixed hole 1 railing collision issue when going down one of the ramps
  • Fixed AO not being enabled in Little Crusaders
  • Fixed AO not being enabled for the third person camera in Plaza
  • Minigolf - Sweet Tooth: Fixed HIO for hole 8
  • Minigolf - Sweet Tooth: Fixed HIO for hole 2
  • Minigolf - Sweet Tooth: Fixed hole 16 wedges saving the ball position as safe (will prevent golf balls getting respawned on the wedges)

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