Winter main menu music is grating

I almost hate to say it, but it’s become genuinely annoying.

What is it? 9-seconds on loop? The Halloween one was very deep and droning, but this marks each loops with a distinct chiming so you know when its starting over. I frequently stay on the main menu to browse player models and change appearance, so it’s just irritating to be there too long.

Please, something. Reduce it to just wind and jingling bells. Overlay sounds over old music. Or maybe even extending the current one in some way. All the other music in the game is so good that I’ve never had any desire to turn it off.


jk I didn’t make any of the seasonal music, it’s all royalty free stuff so it’s up to mac


@Will Oh you should make some christmas versions of like ballrace and minigolf tracks. That’d be cool to hear like a Christmas version of Khromidro or somethin. Up to you tho lol.

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Just put a bass boosted version of Summit’s track in the main menu, it would be great.