Winter Holiday 2020: Part 2 (

We’ve added 29 new holiday items to celebrate this year’s holidays!


  • New Holiday 2020 items added to Santa Claws: Carrot Nose, Christmas Tree Hat, Christmas Tree Star Hat, Corn Pipe, Hot Chocolate, Sleigh, Throwable Ornaments, Toy Train Hat, and Spirit Of Christmas
  • New Holiday 2020 items added to Celebrations: Elegant Fireplace, Fireplace, Snow, Snow Bleachers, Snow Bridge, Snow Flags, Snow Cabin, Snow Cabin Lamp, Snow Crystal Light, Snow Fence, Snow Fence Gate, Snow Fence Post, Snow Wood Track
  • Added Canvas Pile 1, 2, 3 to the D.I.Y. store
  • Added Openable Present canvas item to D.I.Y. store
  • Added 40 new condo materials to use, including snow and sand
  • Added Beauty Cone Plaza milestone
  • Presents now spawn around the Plaza area, instead of the beach

New Condo Materials Added

  • Snow
  • Ceiling Tiles Dark
  • Stone Path
  • Casino Counter Top
  • Casino Tile 2
  • Concrete Basic
  • High Roller Wood Floor
  • High Roller Wood Cube Floor
  • Red Plaster Wall
  • High Roller Wallpaper
  • Casino Walkway Carpet
  • Casino Ceiling
  • Casino Wall
  • Nightclub Wood Wall
  • Nahnia Cabin Wood Trim
  • Nahnia Cabin Wood Wall #1
  • Nahnia Cabin Wood Wall #2
  • Nahnia Cabin Wood Wall #3
  • Nahnia Cabin Stone Brick Wall
  • Snow Brick Wall
  • Nahnia Cabin Carpet
  • Pool Tile Floor
  • Nightclub Screen Wall #1
  • Nightclub Screen Wall #2
  • Prism Tile
  • Blue Star
  • Checkered Tile
  • Oasis Tile
  • Oasis Sand Wall
  • Oasis Marble Tile
  • Sand Brick Wall
  • Oasis Glyph Wall
  • Paradise Wood Wall
  • Woodlands Tile
  • Woodlands Marble Floor
  • Woodlands Wood Floor
  • Woodlands Acid
  • Woodlands Brick Wall
  • Woodlands Concrete Floor
  • Sand

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Can the devs provide us with a a texture map template for the item please?


The toy train hat is very cute in minigolf. Would it be possible to have a toy train innertube also?

The present itself is not a canvas, there’s just a square canvas inside the present. No template needed.



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