Winter Events Update (

Finally, the snow and the Winter events are here! In this Winter Event we’ve added 11 new Winter themed items to the Celebration and Nature stores.

We also created a new Plaza minigame called Snowball Battle where you hop into a snowy arena and throw snowballs at everyone!

On top of that we’ve got presents and new Plaza weather events with the first being snowstorms!

As we announced previously, we have been super busy upgrading our game to the latest Unreal Engine version (4.18). As with any Unreal Engine upgrade, there was a bunch of regressions that occurred that we had to work on which took us a solid month of hard work!

We’re happy to say that the migration is complete and now available as part of this update!

The upgrade to Unreal Engine 4.18 fixes four major engine bugs that have been regularly reported to us since Unreal Engine 4.15.2. The first major fix is that Epic has resolved the Direct3D crash, which around 60% of all Tower Unite crashes reported consisted of. Other major fixes included the a ¼ screen brightness bug, an issue where videos wouldn’t play in the Help section of the menu, and a problem where certain window resolutions would not allow for proper interaction of menu buttons (buttons would be offset from where your mouse was at).

Of course, there were other several improvements to the engine that benefits us for future use as well. We like to stay up to date with the latest Unreal engine versions as much as possible.

Major Changes

  • Upgraded to the latest Unreal Engine 4.18
  • Winter Events: Plaza has been redecorated for the season!


  • Various optimizations to the Plaza
  • Plaza: New Central Circuit interior
  • Plaza: Added Backer Credit Plaques to the Plaza
  • Winter Events: Added Snowball Battle as a Plaza minigame!
  • Winter Events: Added a holiday present event to the Plaza
  • Winter Events: Added a snowstorm weather event to the Plaza
  • Winter Events: Updated the main menu for the holidays
  • Winter Events: Added 11 new Winter items to the Celebrations and Nature stores
  • Added volume slider for Plaza music
  • Added volume slider for noisemakers (confetti gun, etc.)
  • Added animations to the Drumset along with more visual feedback while playing the Drumset
  • Plaza/Condo: Added a landed sound effect that changes based on the surface you land on after jumping
  • Virus - Desertion: Downscaled the entire map, making the gameplay a lot more tense

Bug Fixes

  • Engine Upgrade Fix: Fixed 1/4 screen in Condo/Lobby being brighter if you have the effects set to low
  • Engine Upgrade Fix: Fixed help videos not fitting correctly on the menu
  • Engine Upgrade Fix: Fixed D3D crash (probably the most common crash)
  • Fixed Spin To Win displaying that you won 5,000,000 Units when you land on the 10,000 award instead of actually just 10,000 Units. This was a DISPLAY issue only, players always got 10,000 units
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed the HUD breaking sometimes when you late join
  • Little Crusaders: Fixed bug where ghosts could stand on top of the Birb and block other players from being able to pick it up
  • Little Crusaders - Toy Room: Fixed collision issue where you could get stuck in a toy train
  • Little Crusaders - Toy Room: Fixed missing material on a block
  • Virus: Fixed a bug with TNT where players could somehow climb onto a counter in Subway
  • Virus - Desertion: Fixed a major collision issue with light shafts that blocked gun traces
  • Bowling: Improved bounciness of pins
  • Fixed chat messages making noises when you have the chat disabled
  • Fixed several sounds not adhering to volume settings
  • Fixed Plaza music not adhering to volume settings
  • Fixed Filing Cabinet item floating off the ground by a couple units
  • Fixed a bug with the Condo door leave prompt being able to be opened multiple times at once
  • Fixed an issue in Suite where you could use items through the bay windows
  • Fixed some collision issues with foliage in House

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our daily logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.

For more information on where development is headed, please read:


Thanks!!! Have an ICE holiday break.

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Oh shit

That came out of nowhere!

Thanks for the awesome update. I’m really excited to see the changes!

Happy holidays folks!

ill see you guys in the plaza for some snowball fights.
Let’s see who can find the most christmas presents.

Ice of you to drop by Mac. Have a nice Christmas and get well soon cause I know you’re undergoing Surgery

Actually, I think he moved the date of his surgery to January to release this update.

Yes, I moved my surgery date for the update and also to not be knocked out entirely for Christmas. It’ll be end of January now.

Not really lol they’ve worked on it for quite a while and had everything completed on the Trello for a little while, pending testing and such.

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