Windows 10 is coming


I’m looking forward to Windows 10!, though I don’t know if I should upgrade right away. Some questions I would like to ask though:
How is it performance wise compared to Windows 7?
How easy or difficult was the upgrade process?

Also just because I’m curious as to how effective it actually is, how effective is cortana at actually finding what you ask her?

I am ready! Not only will there be DirectX12, but there will also no more shitty tiles (apart from in the start menu). I’m guessing you’re running Windows 10…? I’m waiting for the June 29 release.

I heard it’s faster than Windows 7 in like, everything.
It’s not worth getting the technical preview if you can’t afford your OS breaking completely and havimg to re-install your computer entirely. I will wait 'till the final release at the end of July.

My body is reggie


29th July. fk yes!

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I’ll have to hold off until I hear about compatibility issues and see how the problem with ‘auto-updates always on’ ends up working.

I’ve been on the tech preview for a quite few months. It has been amazing to see how much everything is changed from build to build. Not going to lie and say it is completely stable, my Nvidia drivers got broken my the last build, now I get artifacts while drawing changes on the desktop and the cursor is a little derpish now. Source engine performance has been mediocre for a while now, getting some dreadful framerate drops (worst in Csgo).

I’ve been using the insider preview in a virtual machine… I’ve only installed 10240 on my Laptop since windows 7 gave up on me. I haven’t used it for gaming.

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Me 2

I will also be getting a new computer, pre-built running Windows 10.
Basically, I had an OK windows computer that could run most of my 50(ish) games.
It broke, I only have a MacBook Air now, F my Life!
I am getting a new pretty powerful computer without f***ing livetiles in a s***ty screen!
I am happy.

well the “f***ing” live tiles are still there… Just not mandatory

Yes, but in them classic start menu not the one in Win8

@Diverta7 I know… but you can remove them. That’s why I said they are not “mandatory”

So good they had to skip the 9.

FYI, Windows 8.1 or Windows 9.

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Windows 7: Build 7601
Windows 8: Build 9200 <— Nearer to 8
Windows 8.1: Build 9600
Windows 10: Build 10240


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