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so i am currently writing a whole bunch of stand tunes for my schools marching band, and some of them are amazing works by Will! i think i have arranged them pretty well and may post videos of them in a couple of months when the season starts again, but i need help.

is there anyone that can tell me what the heck rhythm is in the little crusaders ghost 3??? it is soo good but i just cant nail it down to the beat…

also there is an amazing song on Wills soundcloud called methylphenidate, is there anyone that has the lyrics?

thank you all even if you couldnt help. i love you all and Will your amazing!

<3 pixeltail!



1st question, could you elaborate on what you mean by a “beat” do you mean bpm?
2nd question, I believe only will would have the lyrics to methylphenidate, i haven’t seen them anywhere anyways.

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While I do not have the lyrics to methylphenidate, this edit may help you figure them out until we get the official lyrics.

EDIT: Ghost 03’s BPM seems to be 110.



Thank you so much! That is perfect!

As for what I mean, I am referring more towards the structure of the measure or the rhythm. The tempo is a solid 110 with a time signature of 4/4. I will refer to the part where the wind feature is and everything stops. The lower octave parts in the second measure are on every downbeat, and the responding higher octave is on every upbeat, but the first measure is stumping me.
This is what I have for it.It’s close, but not right and its driving me crazy.15557684041148003102262225663924



Maybe you can try sending a forum DM to @Will so he can help you further.



The first half is so clear, but i could never get the second half.



I went to therapy today
The lady said that I’d do great on methylphenidate
It’ll make all the clouds and fog evaporate
(Evaporates today)
And make you fitter, happier, cliched and adequate


(Evaporate today)
I went to therapy today
The lady said that I’d do great on methylphenidate

Thanks Will for clearing up some lyrics



You are amazing, thank you so much! This is no where near what I thought it was XD thank you!



I dont have notation written out for it, but here’s the midi in ableton if that helps



it’ll make all the clouds and fog evaporate*
and make you fitter, happier*