William's Ball Race tracks for GMod Tower

I’m most likely making the first custom content pack for GMT. Anyways, I edited Will’s Paradise and Memories tracks from his soundcloud to fit the original track’s length. The pack can be downloaded at the bottom. The tracks are rendered as 44,100 Hz in Vegas Pro 13 to fit Source’s requirements. The tracks are set to the length that the original tracks used, I made them this way for no looping issues in Ball Race.


  1. Unsubscribe to Memories, Paradise, and Ball Race Content on the Steam Workshop.
  2. Download the custom.ZIP from the bottom.
  3. Place the contents of custom.ZIP into garrysmod/addons
    4a. Check in-game to see if it’s working.
    4b. If the pack is not working, redo all steps.
  4. Have fun!



Good job! I don’t really like Wills cover of paradise to be honest but I recognize and appreciate the effort!

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@donglekumquat Oh shit he’s calling you out

Sorry, man, I just don’t love it. The lines are a bit off, in some way, I can’t put my finger on it… I love Julia and the Kickstrater ones, though. Just not Paradise.

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[quote=“EvKem, post:2, topic:4942, full:true”]
Wills cover of paradise[/quote]

Wait, did I miss something? Cover?

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Well, yeah, I’ve heard his version but EvKem made it sound like his is a cover of another song


Oh! Sorry about that.

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