Will we ever see a return of the Milk Carton Guy?

I wasn’t sure if this belonged in Questions or Suggestions, but I’m talking about this little fella.

This frame was taken from the Indiegogo trailer, but he was much more prominent in the Kickstarter video. I understand the model was most likely nothing more than a placeholder, but I would love to see him appear in the final game in some form.

i hope this hasn’t been asked yet


I hope they keep this placeholder model as a memory. since it looks kinda cute and quirky


If it were up to me I would want to polish the limbs up a bit and make it one of the official playermodels, but honestly I just want to see any sort of in game reference to it.

I’d love to see this guy return, along with a small selection of playermodels with their own adjustable body parts, much like the plans for the current human avatar.

ya I would to be in the game


I seriously do not know how this game will get done in time.

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Words cannot express how much I love you right now… platonically.

I hope you realize that model was made before we started our Kickstarter. It’s been there for awhile, untouched.
I really hope your statement wasn’t actually serious.


Nah, I kid. I trust you guys, I know you like to have fun. :smiley:


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That’s actually not a bad idea. I can’t even think of a big selection of playermodels, since 99% of the custom playermodels in GMTower are taken from other games, so a milk carton guy would be a huge benefit for us.

no seriously tho why not

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cuz you’re in a new town and theres milk 2 bee delivered