Will this laptop run gmod/GMT good?

My freind wants to play GMT, and this is his laptop ( http://www.pcworld.com/product/1408103/dell-latitude-14-5000-e5440-notebook.html )
Will it be able to run GMT or Gmod for that matter?

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I’m looking for GMT prefomance, not TU.

You/Your friend are able to run HL2 at the recommended settings of 3.0GHz. (The laptop reaching 3.8)
You’d be able to play GMT, but it probably won’t be very smooth

It’s my friend, don’t worry, I have a way better laptop. Thanks!

Sorry, should’ve clarified better:

GMOD will certainly run, but:

If the server’s light on content-amount, it’ll probably run at ~ 30-60 FPS
If the server has medium amount of content, it probably won’t be very smooth (~30 FPS)
If the server is heavy (GMTower, some TTT & RP servers) - then you might be kissing smoothness goodbye (<30FPS)

OK, as long a poker and minigolf run good enough to play. That’s all he really cares about as features go.