Will this affect GMT?

So I was watching VNN and I found this video…

Basically, due to a fault in the source engine code, at any point, you can get your steam account hijacked, vac banned, and lose your steam inventory, due to playing any source game.
For me, GMOD immediately comes to mind, especially GMT.
I am wondering if it’s safe to go on GMT or any gmod server thanks to this outbreak.
I also wonder if @Matt should disable sprays or something.
I really do hope this gets fixed soon, since I :heart: gmod and GMT.
Best regards, Tanooki Jon

No, as this exploit is abused by server operators; clients cannot upload malicious files to the server. It says in the video to only trust servers you know are reputable-- I’d hope you’d be able to trust that we wouldn’t do that.


Sorry, nvm then.

Bearing in mind that, at most, if they have access to your files they can only get past the SteamGuard original code verification. If you have 2-step Mobile Auth you’ll be safe regardless.
Unless you like to let others touch your phone extensively.

This is scaring me… :fearful:

Good heads up, though. Great news to wake up to.

I meant to post this!

This won’t affect GMT, but could affect Garry’s Mod in general, and pretty much any Source game.