WIll there be any plan of bring Tower Unite for ps4 in the future?

I know former playstationhome user have put in interest in Tower Unite. I know lots of homester will support it if you bring it to ps4.

Homester are ps home user :blush:

PC (Windows, Mac, (and I’d suspect Linux)) are the primary platforms, with Consoles being cited as a (possible future happening). But I wouldn’t expect to see anything console related until at least after the game is released on Steam in full.

@Caboose700 It’s really handy that they’re making in in UE4. Not only is there PS4 capability, but XBONE, iOS and Andriod are also there as well (definitely NOT saying that the game is going to be ported to any of these systems).

Oh absolutely, I have no doubt that given enough time they can totally do that, especially with how easy Unreal Engine 4 makes it. Just that the main priority will be the PC at the given time.

We MIGHT be doing a console release, but if we do, then that’ll happen a bit after the PC release. And we aren’t doing a full iOS/Android/Windows Mobile port, as I have stated before. Hope that clears things up a bit!

I was having a conversation with a few other people about this a couple days ago. We agreed that tower unite may fit into more of a wii game. What are your thoughts on this?

There is seem to be virtual 3D social gaming platform coming to ps4 unlike the xbox1. virtual 3D social gaming platform genre’s market has demand from playstaton gamer ever since playstationhome.
We PC gamer have lots of virtual 3D social gaming genres. virtual 3D social gaming platform don’t really work for mobile. I know that since I try playing awaken life.

What? Am I the only one who can’t comprehend this?

Anyways I’d rather them put all the work into the PC version. It’s nice having some PC exclusives that aren’t small little indie games. Gives a reason to have a gaming PC, just like exclusives give you a reason to buy X console.

And before someone says why should I have to miss out on this because I don’t have a PC that can run it, I say why should I have to miss out on Halo because I don’t have a Xbone. Why should I miss out on The Last of Us because I don’t have a PS4. I get to miss out because it gives a reason to buy X console.

PC users get upset the consoles withhold exclusives from us, then you wish to do the same for them? As long as it doesn’t, at all, interfere with the PC version’s development in a negative way. There is no reason the console shouldn’t get a port if the developers are up for it. It may even bring in new money that can help fund features the PC version wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Exclusives should be eradicated, they are a plague to gamers and systems get sold based on what games they have versus what capabilities they have, and that’s just wrong in so many ways. However, that street goes both ways.

IF a pc only game, namely just the pc version of it, is not held back by console limitations we should be happy for console users to get a great game and they should be happy that PC users get to play great games that were limited to consoles when we get a PC version. I don’t know why everyone has to hold shit over each other’s heads all the time.

A PS4 version would lead either to less resources dedicated to the updates because of the need of doing them twice (for both versions) or a simple, normal console version with no updates at all while they improve the PC version (like it happened to TF2)

I don’t like talking about ports yet, anyway. It may be a good idea in the far future, but a small devteam like PixelTail shouldn’t take on so much in my opinion

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